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Open University of the Second World University of NSE 2022

Rector of the Grand Open University van de prof. Dr. Thea Bastians: “I am very much overwhelmed by the fact that students are on their own. Ook dit jaar krijgen onze opleidingen wederom hele mooie scores in de NSE. Je zou er aan kunnen gaan wennen, maar het hespder is. topsport .There is a great deal of ingenuity, hard work and concentration. to the point. We do not have any points of interest. “

The highest total value score

Vijf van de zeven bacheloropleidingen van de Open Universiteit oogsten de hoogste algemene tevredenheidsscore van alle universiteiten die deze studies aanbieden: Psychologie, Bedrijfskunde, Informatiekunde, Informatica en Algemeneschappenuur. Dat geldt ook voor vijf van de tien majstroў: Rechtsgeleerdheid, Kunst-en cultuurwetenschappen, Onderwijswetenschappen, Software Engineering і Computer Science. The Bachelor of Law is the tweed of all wo-opleidingen in this study in the Master of Psychology. The most important things to do with a high value, but one of the most important things to do in this study are the ones that stand out from CROHO.

The students of the Open University will be able to enjoy the aspects of being open to the public, to be able to work, to be able to practice / be able to work very well.


De Nationale Studenten Enquête (NSE) is one of the most popular, most popular, most well-known students. In 2022, there were 286,000 students from 76 higher education institutions and universities. The search results are based on the availability of the Study Center123. It is the only guide with OCW ministry, student (ISO and LSVb) and audience. The NSE 2022 student institution was published on the website www.studiekeuze123.nl.

Doors: Nationale Onderwijsgids

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