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Ook bij aandeelhoudersvergadering TotalEnergies climate test

Photo: ANP

Ook rondom de jaarlijkse aandeelhoudersvergadering van olie- en gasbedrijf TotalEnergies voeren klimaatactivisten akie. For the sake of building in Paris, it is a great opportunity to be an activist of the Greenpeace milieu and other groups that the French will take care of and stop with new fossil projects in Russia. One part seems to be a great source.

TotalEnergies provides other and other oil and gas companies at BP and Shell. Volgens he care bestaat dan namelijk he risico dat die onderdelen tegen een korting naar russische kopers gaan.

Today is a day of allotment management of Shell in London. Milieuactivists screened in the hall and over the “Shell must fall” and some demonstrators found themselves in great danger. The policy is spent on some activities of activists and management, which is contracted.

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