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No geg chord chord veiligheidsregio’s en cabinet over asielopvang

The 25 regions of the region have a cabinet that does not have the right time to comment on issues that are open to asylum seekers. The question of the status of the state-of-the-art staff is one of the most important events in the Netherlands in the Netherlands.

Volgens Staatssecretaris Van der Burg van Asielzaken en voorzitter Bruls van de Veiligheidsregio’s is er indringend gesproken maar is meer overleg nodig. Ze wilden niet verder ingaan op de inhoud van de plannen. “We’ve been the first to talk about it.” Later this week, the new one is over.

Knelpunten zijn volgens Van der Burg is not financial, but it is about personal staff and the great kindness taken from the community. “We want to make a chord, but the cost is more than a day.”

“We plan to plan even last year,” said Bruls van de Veiligheidsregio’s. «Iedereen moet nu in eigen huis kijken naar wat men kan leveren als gemeente».

Turn to the door

Van der Burg is well-known, and it is the most important of the national Crisisteam, so he made a structural effort to find a way to protect the door. Al maanden zijn er grote problemen met de opvang van asielzoekers. 40,000 doors in the environment and 15,000 door statuses in gebruik.

The meeting center in Ter Apel is open, but last week you will be able to take care of yourself as soon as possible.

The problem is that it does not matter in a way that is very important. A major complication is that men in Ter Apel can not be sent to other asielzoekerscentra (azc’s) to be able to find a good place. The center of the city is fully equipped with status holders who are on social security.

Read here over the background of ‘asielcrisis’;

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