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New Regulations to Introduce Stringent Testing for Future Drivers

Caretaker Infrastructure Minister Mark Harbers is spearheading the introduction of stringent regulations for driving schools aimed at enhancing test outcomes and ensuring the safety of new drivers. Harbers emphasizes the need to eradicate practices like exam fraud, premature registration for tests, and expedited driving license acquisition schemes. Presently, only slightly over half of candidates pass their physical driving test on the first attempt, with a mere 39% succeeding in the theory test. Consequently, the ministry has established a commission comprising driving school representatives, exam institutes CBR and IBKI, and test experts to evaluate the process and oversee its improvement.

The new regulations mandate compulsory lessons, barring candidates from applying for a test solely based on external experience. Additionally, candidates will be required to acquire various additional skills, including driving in low-light conditions and driving at speeds of 130 kph. A social behavior test will also be integrated into the curriculum. Furthermore, driving instructors must possess a diploma from an accredited training institute and must undergo both tests every five years. Instructors failing the tests thrice will forfeit their license.

While the stricter regulations may lead to higher lesson costs, Harbers anticipates that the benefits of producing more adept drivers who are likelier to pass their tests in one attempt will outweigh the costs. The reforms aim to enhance the overall quality of driving education and ensure that new drivers are well-prepared and equipped with the necessary skills to navigate safely on the roads.

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