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New railway services connecting Amsterdam with Italy, Austria and Denmark

New railway services connecting Amsterdam with Italy, Austria and Denmark

Everyone on board! Anyone who wants to plan their next holiday can know that Green City Trip is looking to significantly expand its rail services across Europe, planning to launch new routes between Dutch cities and destinations such as Florence, Copenhagen and Salzburg.

Take the train to Florence, Salzburg or Copenhagen!

Due to record high gasoline prices and the Dutch government seeking to triple the tax on air passengers since January, train travel is definitely becoming an increasingly attractive option. One of its drawbacks, however, is that for people who want to travel the world, not so many places are always available, but Green City Trip is definitely doing its best to change that.

Starting this summer, the railway company plans to launch new services that will connect the Dutch capital with various cities across Europe. From May 25, residents of the Netherlands will be able to board a night train from Amsterdam or Utrecht, which will take them all the way to Florence, Bologna, Como or Bolzano.

More interested in exploring northern Europe? Well, you can do that too! Trains will also run to Copenhagen, Malmö and Gothenburg. And anyone who wants to discover all that Austria has to offer will be able to take a direct train to Linz or Salzburg!

Improving rail links between the Netherlands and Europe

The frequency of services depends on the destination and time of year; trains to Gothenburg, for example, will only run in July and November, while more regular trains will run to Bolzano from June.

These new services are among the six routes the company launched last year, with Maarten Bastian, one of the initiators of Green City Trip, expressing his surprise at how popular the services have been since their first launch in October: “We expected healthy interest, but it exceeds all our expectations. Some cars are already fully booked long before the departure date. “

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