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Nederlandse vakantiegangers van TUI dagenlang vast in Egypt

Nederlandse vakantiegangers die met TUI op reis waren, hebben bijna vier dagen vastgezeten ў Egipte. It is home to 180 passengers, who have always had a package package in Hurghada in Marsa Alam on Rode Zee.

The Netherlands will be able to reach Amsterdam as soon as possible, but it will take a long time to get rid of it. TUI zei dat de vlucht de volgende dag wel zou gaan. If you have problems with your feet, you will not be burdened by the fact that passengers will be able to stay at the hotel.

Ook op maandag kregen de passagiers net voor vertrek op het vliegveld te horen dat hun vlucht niet door zou gaan. TUI heeft vandaag, op de vierde dag, een nieuw toestel vanuit Amsterdam naar Hurghada laten gaan waardoor de vlucht wel kon vertrekken. To dry out extra nights at an all-inclusive hotel in Egypt, you can enjoy TUI.

Three days to watch

Be the passengers immediately underway in the Netherlands. “We have the opportunity to spend hours waiting for the best information, and to be able to visit the hotel,” he said. “And that three days ago came.” The 33-year-old woman from Rotterdam, who is always anonymous to stay, was also on vacation in Egypt.

With sms’jes be de vacantiegangers op de hoogte gehouden. The woman is in the gang of “unhealthy” laws. “This is a long vacancy. He is here to be able to find children, and to be there,” he said.

Unbeatable contract

TUI noemt het een “bijzonder ongelukkige openvolging van omstandigheden”. A word that is technically problematic in the first day of generality can be found, but that it takes two weeks to reduce the technical problems that have been identified. There are problems with Egyptian authorities.

A part of the passengers is allowed to fly with other airs. The word forwarder says that this contract is available in the TUI of passengers “to meet the requirements”.

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