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NASA has recently tweeted new new packages

Photo: ANP

American company NASA with new plans of astronauts. NASA opens an operating procedure with American activities Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace. The development of new space packs is at the same time as planning, but it is worthwhile to find out about other problems.

NASA astronauts, who are NASA astronauts, are preparing for an international ISS test. There are incidental backgrounds in the water that can be considered in a very small amount of time. The new packages can be found in 2025 for the first tests. You trust that the NASA astronaut, the NASA astronaut, the Artemis mission, will die in order for it to start sitting in the world of American astronauts that exist on earth. Uses NASA when the mission to Mars is running.

“It was a historic moment for that,” Vanessa Witch, director of the Johnson Space Center, told a conference in Houston. “In these packs, the history is written.”

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