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More and more migrants are given in the Texas freight car


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In a veritable wagon in the American city of San Antonio, there are more and more migrants. Dat melden meerdere American media.

Local TV KSAT-TV over 42 data. There are 16 migrants overpaid for housing. Het is niet duidelijk hoe zij eraan toe zijn.

The freight car is long and slow. On the basis of this image, the service is widely used. The New York Times says the door to the police is running out of truck.

The authorities in Texas do not have an official report on the law.

Eerdere vondst in 2017

In 2017 in San Antonio in 2017 in the state of San Antonio human rights actions took place. In the truck, the parked stand on a parking lot is a branch of the Walmart supermarket, located next to the migrant.

The cable system of the freight car does not work and is ventilated, it is a lot of the sea and the migrants who move through the truck in the truck.

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