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Megavangst Kanaaltunnel: Nederlander and Belg Smokkelen 20.3 million euros and cocaine and heroes | Buitenland

A 60-year-old Dutchman and a 68-year-old Belgian are on the doorstep of the British Border Police. 125 pounds of cocaine and 70 pounds of heroes could end if you see that they control the tunnel of the Calais canal.

The drugs have a total of 17.7 million ponds, there are 20.3 million euros, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs in London is open. See more of one of the biggest drug addicts in the Channel Tunnel.

The drug vangst vond plaats op 10 juni maar werd omwille van he ondzoek stilgehouden tot vandaag. The agents of the British border police check the order of the two of them to be in the North-France. At the end of the day, they were in the possession of the Belgian kentekenplaten, and they took the packages with drugs. The rooms with tape are widely used for outdoor use, which is also a photo.

Beide mannen zijn aangeklaagd voor de invoer van klasse A-preparatav. Die gelden als de gevaarlijkste omdat ze de grootste schade kunnen aanrichten, reden waarom de maximale gevangenisstraf levenslang bedraagt. It’s more than the National Crime Agency (NCA), it’s the British agents for organizing criminal activity.

Great idea

The British Minister for Drug Enforcement, Kit Malthouse, was named after Zaak Slechts, a member of the Grand Prix of the Grand Prix and a member of the European Parliament.

“The costly costs of believing in the midst of tragic and dashing descriptions of our drug-related drugs strategy that we will undertake on the other side of the market to increase the cost of drug delivery and to treat you and treat us in the GB GB”, News mond.

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