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Marechaussee onderschept 1,465 documents on the Dutch border


The Koninklijke Marechaussee (KMar) has 1,465 travel documents and identity documents in the Netherlands. “In 2020, this figure is 10% higher than all. Ondanks verminderde reisbewegingen zijn de cijfers vrijwel weer gelijk aan de jaren voor de coronapandemie », zo laat de KMar zaterdag weten.


‘It is highly known to have passports and identity cards. Meestal completed with a complete vals document. Then you can pass the passport to the owner of a wallet personalized in an authenticated passport, according to KMar. In the word of the European Union, the documents of the European Union are in force, and the task is to give them all the views that the Schengen area provides. Greek, Roman, Italian, Spanish and Belgian documents are here for the most part.


The overgrown part of the documents can be found in the Netherlands. In Schiphol in 2021, 947 documents. There are 99 documents at Eindhoven Airport. Documented route to Italy to the Netherlands. You can use many routes from Spain to Greece to the Netherlands.


In 2021, there were 287 documents that met with Germany and Belgium. Deze worden vooral aangetroffen tijdens controlles Mobiel Toezicht Veiligheid. The documents are underwritten by the Duits-Nederlandse grens. Opvallend was given that the land border with the deadly mate fraude is worth a ton of the waltz of vervalste documents on a mobile phone. Daarmee lijken fraudeurs deze ‘digital’ vorm van frauderen te verkiezen boven het tonen van fysieke documenten, in de veronderstelling dat de pakkans hierbij kleiner is.

Maritieme grenzen

There are 20 documents on the maritime border. Hoek van Holland’s best place. At all times, the Netherlands will be able to reach out to the United Kingdom.

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