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Longfonds komt met a new organization for long-term Covid

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The Longfonds has started a new organization for men, but the long-suffering Covid has taken over. Met with PostCovid NL to enjoy patients with Covid countries to get more information and more information for the situation.

Volgens and Longfonds have long-lived Covid grotto for long-distance Dutch people, but they do not want to “stay back and forth” through the rest. “We are men with the landmark Covid na bijna twee jaar nog steeds zoekende zijn”, chief director Michael Rutgers.

The new patient organization is concerned about long-term human rights violations and will be able to hold on to it for a long time before the new year, new activities and the best care and support for the over-the-counter. , from work-in-order settings, from work-in-service settings ”. Longfonds had a Coronaplein.nu platform for patients that would not work in PostCovid NL.

Men with long-haired covids can be found in the past, in the court, in the past, in the past, in the past, in the heart, in the heart, in the past. The slaughters can be found, but it is possible that this time will be better.

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