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LIVE | Oekraïne: Rusen Hebben moved to Loegansk Oorlog in Oekraïne

Belarusian news on one issue:
By the Russian Air Force on Charkov are the governor of the region four burgerdoden spoken. No one else was born. Bewoners are excited about you schuilen in kelders.

– The pro-Russian separatists in Danbas houden about 8000 Oekraïners huge. A functionary in Loehansk, the region of which met Donetsk and the Donbass, has been given to the Russian State Press Office TASS. The figure is not unforgettable.

By Russian visits op de Stud Severadonetsk in the eastern part of Ukraine be 24 hours before the burgers are in one night. This is the governor of the Loegansk region on the day of the day. No name the situation in the city of ‘zeer moeilijk’.

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