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LIVE Giro d’Italia: Kelderman maakt indruk met with Bora | Wielrennen

 LIVE Giro d'Italia: Kelderman maakt indruk met with Bora |  Wielrennen
The park is in the middle of the stage

The park is in the middle of the stage

Stage 14: Santena – Turin

  • I want: delayed on May 21, starting at 13 o’clock
  • Distance: 147 kilometers, aankomst omstreeks 17u15
  • Type: overheating stage
  • Duration: ****

Een korte maar intense etappe, die de renners weinig tijd laat om op adem te komen. The total height of 3,000 meters is high, with a long distance from the stage, an alpine peak.

De openskilometers van Santena tot aan de voet van de eerste klim zijn het enige vlakke stuk van de dag. The route of Rivodora to Superga is about two kilometers from 36.4 kilometers to the Superga (cat.2) in Colle della Maddalena (cat. 2). The first is five kilometers long, with a combined round of 10% and a maximum of 14%. De laatste is veel korter maar slingert zich via een smalle weg door het bos, met zware stukken tot 20%. A technically important solution is given in a rotating order.

Stage 15: Rivarola Canavese – Horse

  • Want: May 22, start 12u15
  • Distance: 177 kilometers, aankomst omstreeks 17u15
  • Type: bergetap
  • Duration: ****

For the second week in a row, there are three bergetapas in the Piedmont Alps by the Valle d’Aosta. Aanvankelijk loopt de route door de Canavese en de Dora Baltea-vallei, helemaal tot aan Aosta. Vervolgens krijgt de renners drie lange opeenvolgende beklimmingen voorgeschoteld naar Pila (kat. 1), Verrogne (kat. 1) en Cogne (kat. 2). Deze beklimmingen van elk meer dan tien kilometer gaan over brede en goed geasfalteerde wegen, met een aantal haarspeldbochten ertussen. The first two times you can use a snail to catch up with you.

At a distance of 22 km, the slot can be reached with a long walk. Climate is a loper of a total of 4.3% of a total of 11% of the finite amount of fines in 11 minutes. Niet is a billionaire and 46 kilometers for 46 kilometers.

Monday 23 May: the third day

Alvorens de loodzware slotweek aan te vatten, verhuist de hele karavaan naar oostelijke Alpen en kunnen de renners de benen toch voor één dagje wat laten rusten.

Stage 16: Sala – Aprika

  • I want: May 24, beginning at 11 o’clock
  • Distance: 202 kilometers, aankomst omstreeks 17u15
  • Type: bergetap
  • Login: *****

Last night on the last day of the King’s Alps, with more than 5,000 meters. The stage begins in Salo, on the other side of the Gardameer, but is very hot and can be seen in the peloton over a long climate (about 30 km) to the 2,000 meter high Goletto di Cadino (cat. 1).

In addition to the direction of Val Camonica, the most beautiful place in the Edolo of the legendary Passo del Mortirolo (cat. 1) is located in Monno. Suhi kilometer to the top wordt de weg smaller en krijgen we een stuk tot zelf 16% …

One of the most important things is that it is not technically possible: it is technically important, but it is too small (on the right side of the table) to go to Grosio Leidt. On a train, it is still (even) possible to increase the weight: on a versatile route, with a minimum of one hundred percent percentages of about 15% more. On the occasion of the opening of the Tresenda watch of the final meeting of the Valico di Santa Cristina (cat. 1). Deze klim is breed en goed geasfalteerd in heet eerste deel, maar versmalt zodra hij afbuigt naar de top en slingert zich in haarspeldbochten door het bos met nog ekele venijnige stukken.

The finishing line is not on top of the top of the Valico di Santa Cristina is very technical, again small in size. The slot kilometer is located at a distance of 3% from the end.

Stage 17: Ponte di Legno – Lavaron

  • Application: May 25, beginning at 12:30 p.m.
  • Distance: 168 kilometers, aankomst omstreeks 17u15
  • Type: bergetap
  • Duration: ****

The fiery bergetappe belooft ej bijzondere rit te worden. On the day of the flight to the Passo del Tonale, 70 kilometers (!) Away from the Val di Sole and the Val di Non.

On the outskirts of the Adige, it is in the second half of the year that we can go to the Palace of Giovo on the way to the Valle dei Mocheni. by 10%). The strip in Lavaron, 168 km northeast, is a light kilometer on top of the Climate van de Dag and the finish line.

Stage 18: Borg Valsugan – Treviso

  • Wanneer: Thursday 26 May, start at 13:40
  • Distance: 152 kilometers, aankomst omstreeks 17u15
  • Type: sprinter stage
  • Availability: *

In the principle of the last can be for sprinters, but we are on the right track of the natural nature, but we have a hard time to learn. Hoe dan ook moet er vandaag amper geklommen worden. The route connects the Valsugana and Venetian trains via the Primolano Scale in the Muro di Ca ‘del Poggio, one of the topographical views of this stage, and leads to Treviso langs right in the town of Treviso.

Stage 19: Marano Lagunare – Santuario di Castelmonte

  • I want: May 27, beginning 12-10
  • Distance: 178 kilometers, aankomst omstreeks 17u15
  • Type: overheating stage
  • Duration: ****

An outstanding stage with an oversteak to Slavia in the end with a Finish bergop, but officially a bergetappe. The stage is in Marano Lagunare and loopt dwars door de laaglanden toan aan de heuvels rond Fagagna en Majano. The parks are on the stage of the Doorkruist Buja, overlooking the Julische Vooralpen, the loopt langs of the Grotte di Villanova (a short intense climate, cat. 3) and overlooking the Passo di Tanamea (cat. 3). The route to Slovenia runs through de Ucca-pass, head to Kobarid (Capareta). Here, the peloton de Kolovrat is closed, with a distance of 10% of the mileage (with a short break halfway through the climate).

The Passo Solarie is located in a long walled plateau in Italy. The Vanuit of Cividale del Friuli began in the city of Santuario van Castelmonte. The last climate is about 2.5 kilometers, with a short distance. The most popular (up to 13%) can be found in the air, and when we go on a train ride we can stay. Next to the end of the train is the weather.

Stage 20: Belluna – Marmolada

  • I want: on the evening of May 28, beginning at 12-15
  • Distance: 168 kilometers, aankomst omstreeks 17u15
  • Type: bergetap
  • Login: *****

The first bergetappe is a welcome destination in the Dolomites, with three well-defined attractions: Passo San Pellegrino, Passo Pordoi en Marmolada.

Beginning in Belluno, you can enjoy a short course over the valleys of the Piave Riviera via Sedico, Santa Giustina en Sospirolo alvorens in the climate to begin with. De Paso di San Pellegrini has significant interest rates and 15% for Falcado. De Passo Pordoi is the “Cima Coppi” van des Gira 2022 in Hoogste berg, met with a passage at an altitude of 2,239 meters. The most popular climate of the Giro is Passo Fedaia (cat. 1), 14 kilometers long, which is 10% higher than the highest percentages of 18% in a maximum of 18 kilometers.

Stage 21: Verona – Verona

  • Want: Zondag May 29, start eerste renner om 13u55
  • Distance: 17.4 kilometers, aankomst laatste renner omstreeks 17u10
  • Type: single tydrite
  • Availability: ***

De Giro d’Italia 2022 eidigt een tijdrit more than 17.1 kilometers met the start and finish in Verona. The park has half a mile of air conditioning with an increase of 5% per day and a distance of four kilometers to the city, where you can enjoy the beautiful Arena of Verona.

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