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Lawyer over the blockade of Russia Today: “Verbod lawsuit

On the other hand, the majority of Dutch providers do not have any support from the sender or their package, but in some places they are open to bible-bound websites. Also in more than Germany, Spain, Belgium and Italy, there is one of the more providers for a blockchain, the right NOS correspondents. Other people in the Netherlands provide providers of everything else.

In the manner of a vaarop dat verbod tot stand kwam, is publicenvakbond NVJ een doorn in het oog. “It is necessary to regulate parliamentarians by regulating them, and to enforce the rights of the authorities and media authorities to regulate them,” Bruning said. .


Los daarvan gaat de maatregel erg ver, vinden de parten achter de rechtszaak. “The wetter can be found on this date as a neutral provider and can not be taken in,” said Scholte and Horst. “This is the first thing we can say about the principles of non-neutrality and the importance of misinformation. This is a source for the open internet.

Брунінг: “Met een verbod voorkom je dat iederéén die informatie kan opvragen, ook wetenschappers en novinaren”.

No freedom gives me the process, good hosting and ISPs like BIT, MijnDomein and A2B hebben zich aangesloten. Great part at KPN and Ziggo breaks.

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