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‘Kunstenaars en zzp’ers zijn nog steeds intens kwetsbaar’

'Kunstenaars en zzp'ers zijn nog steeds intens kwetsbaar'

“He is one of the leaders in all sectors, two eyes in the arts.” Delfina Bedel, a self-employed artist, has become a base member of the NL Engagement Arts, a non-profit organization that does not have the power, sexism, gender and gender and gender equality in the Netherlands. Bedel was a resident of the Reykjavik Academy in Amsterdam.

Where is a very special organization in the most popular art sector?

“When we first initiated the genome, we included cases in MeToo and Nederlandse kunstacademies en mode-opleidingen. Wij zijn een nizu ўверх-organisatie, geleid en opgericht vanuit de beeldende sektor, dveri kunstenaars. Oops advocaten, curate en activist zijn bij ons betrokken ».

Engagement Arts NL is inspired by a Belgian zusterorganisatie. How much art in the Netherlands with the other countries?

“The art world has a high level of diversity and inclusiveness and diversity. In addition, we are located in the European cultural sector as well as in the Netherlands. Ons land hoort tot de hekkensluiters in Europa als heat om ouderschapsverlof en de gender-loonkloof. Ook kent Nederland een groot gebrek aan gendergelijke representation in musea and op soly-shows. If you have recently inventoried the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, you can create your own collection so you can see what you need to do.

“On the other hand, read the” Index of Gender Equality “in the arts. It is a way to be well-behaved. This index should be analyzed, analyzed and evaluated. The problem in the Netherlands is the super-data index. The verandas began to meet with the data verzamelena. There are tons of reports in other countries: there is no need for gender monitoring with data monitoring.

What do you want to know?

“It simply came to our notice then. The Netherlands has implemented a convention under the auspices of the Council of Europe, dated in 2011 in Istanbul. However, the implementation of a number of projects is very important. We offer CAO’s, ARBO-Moisturizing, Great Intelligence culture the best protocols for key leaders. Maar nog steeds zijn kunstenaars en culturalle zzp’ers intens kwetsbaar, op elk gebied, want ze staan ​​als individu tegenover het instituut ».

How does Jullie want to work together?

“We hold workshops, classes, we do facilities, we do affiliate programs in de kunst and howden zogenoemde‘ luistersessies ’. We are looking forward to, in the works of art, but also in politics. Organizer Dean Hogan Lawls met in training codes of conduct en hoe rapportagesystemen van misbruik in de kunst op te zetten ».

What is Engagement Arts NL and the best platforms like Mores.nl Bureau Slachtofferhulp? Ook zij houden zich bezig met misbruik in onder other de kunstsector.

“Mores.nl is very good, and it is not. The Slachtofferhulp office is located in every sector. Engagement Arts NL streeft systemic events on the inside of the art world. We steal the slide in the system and discuss. ”

Forest Ok: Hoe eens kunstenaar career makes more and more appropriating claims of empowerment

What do you want?

“It simply came to our notice then. Workshop in the Dutch art world – of ze nu aan grote of kleine instellingen leiding geven – slagen er nog te weinig in om een ​​minimale standaard van zorg en veiligheid op de werkvloer te handhaven. Safe places ontstaan ​​in overeenstemming, in wederzijds goedkeuren. Kunstenaar Melanie Banach, Dutch Biennale Biennale in Venice, working at the Amsterdam EYE Film Museum. Bonajo said that as soon as he died, he would be able to agree to the consent of the crux and that he would be able to do it – it is in the art world ».

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