Home Sports KNVB en Oranjevrouwen trots op gelijke beloning: ‘Historische mijlpaal’

KNVB en Oranjevrouwen trots op gelijke beloning: ‘Historische mijlpaal’

Lachende gezichten op de training van de Oranjevrouwen maandag na de bekendmaking dat voetbalbond KNVB de internationals hetzelfde gaat belonen als de mannen. “I’m going to a historical milestone.”

The word is Jan Dirk van der Zee, van de KNVB’s director of verantvouordel for such vrouvenvoetbal. .

Ok, Vivian Miedema, top coordinator from the Netherlands, is confident of the new regulation. “That is absolutely good news.”

Miedema of Frenkie de Jong, he doesn’t make it

The best way to get better or better at the time of the game is to start with a train ride. Dan maakt het niet uit of je Miedema of Frenkie de Jong heet.

“Everything from the KNVB is under control, but it has been paid. It is not possible to do that, but we are not,” said Miedema. .

The beginning of the fight

The first talk about the KNVB in the international community was made in 2017. “In the beginning ging het stroef”, said Van der Zee. .

Van der Zee laat weten dat oorspronkelijk the idea was om het in 2023 rond te hebben, maar dat is dus al een jaar eerder gelukt. The director of women’s football from the KNVB is also one of the men who played this game for a long time. “However, we have never been able to process a lot of things and we have met before.

Wat Van der Zee betreft, is dit ook nog niet het eindpunt. “Our proposal for UEFA and FIFA is to be given to the top players. It is very easy, but it is very interesting.

Within two weeks of the start of the Oranjevrouwen aan het Europees kampioenschap in England. The UEFA football championships are not covered by the EK-UEFA football standings.

European champions

The total share of the land can be reduced to a total of one million euros. In 2017, ten publications were published at the university.

A country that is a European champion is open to all those who want to win, but it is worth more than two million euros to write. In addition: the EC will be able to support all partial countries in terms of start-ups for a start-up premium of 9.25 million euros.

“We have a lot of European camps, but we have to look back,” said Miedema.

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