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Kinderbijslag gaat per 1 juli omhoog

The Hague

De kinderbijslag wordt perhoogd July 1, 2022. “Also open on October 1 for the quarter of € 20, – extra for all kinds”, according to the Ministry of Social Affairs in the working day. In January and July, the children’s budget is based on the inflation rate (inflation).


The cabinet makes it possible to pay attention to a situation in which the child market does not regulate you (index) – high inflation inflation – in these tracks. Daarom wordt de kinderbijslag ook dit jaar ‘gewoon’ tweemaal verhoogd.

Kinderbijslag on July 1, 2022

Ouders en verzorgers van kinderen tot met met 17 jaar ontvangen kinderbijslag (AKW). As of July 1, 2022, this is child support, which is provided in accordance with the law of consumption. On July 1, 2022:
– For the view of 0 t / m 5 ravine 249.31 euros
– For the view of 6 t / m 11 ravine 302.74 euros
– For the view of 12 t / m 17 ravine 356.16 euros

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