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Karin Lodder became the manager of the Library of Great Britain on June 1

Karin Lodder has a long way to go in the middle of the bibliothecair medewerkers: from 16 years ago he was able to manage management positions at KB, the national library of the Netherlands. Daarvoor leidde zij het informatiecentrum van advocatenkantoor NautaDutilh. The step to the Vredespaleis is to make it possible to enter into the openness of the most important libraries in the area of ​​international law.


The library of the Vredespaleis is located on the front door of the main event. As the impulse of a subsidy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Buenos Aires comes to the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States. Karin Lodder does not have the expertise to make this decision, she does not care about the technology, but she also wants to be able to work together in the middle of nowhere. De Carnegie Stichting, which is located in the Vredespaleis, is a great place to stay.

The Hague Academy for International Law

Following the digitization and internal revision of the focus of the competition, we will be able to provide support in the most important areas: the International Court of Justice of the United Nations, the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Haachtna International Academy. For the services of the Libraries of the Vredespaleis in order to provide, be known to other international tribunals and organizations, which are not incarcerated and believe that the engagement is not under the subsidy of the Ministry of Buitenvallense. Naast de hoven en internationale organizesates vormen ook wetenschappers en studenten internationaal recht een belangrijke klantgroep van de bibliotheek. The collection from the library is located in the open door of this large group.

Jeroen Vervlit, Vredespaleis Library-Library, is a university for communications and relations with institutions working in the field of interaction. Door zijn jarenlange ervaring bij het Vredespaleis bezit hij zeer uitgebreide kennis van de collections en de diensten.

Doors: Nationale Onderwijsgids
Beeld: Carnegie Steetting – Vredespaleis

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