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Jarige Stichting Petje af kriigt security with Koningin Máxima

Singing in this country for children with children in the Netherlands. The organization offers activities that are regulated by the authorities and that they have all the resources that can be used in the future. Wekelijks wordt een locally organized, practical program program offers, warbaj de kinderen in aanraking komen met inspirerende rolmodellen en diverse werkvelden. Some children are trying to find ideas in the new world. Singing to work here is a place where local companies and professional organizations are organized.


Привязка Petje af heeft deelgenomen aan het Groeiprogramma van het Oranje Fonds, eenwtwikkeltraject voor maatschappelijke organizasies die hun initiative zillen laten groeien. Immediately, the most important locations are located in the Netherlands, and children from all over the world have an intensive program.


Tijdens haar bezoek ontmoet Koningin Máxima de kinderen van Petje af, die haar vertellen over hun ervaringen. Ook project with intermediaries, best followers and developers.

In addition, donors to the advisory organization KPMG for embroidery for the anniversary in Amstelveen.

Doors: Nationale Onderwijsgids

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