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Inland law: aan Ruttes ministie of sms’jes weg mochten

Inland law: aan Ruttes ministie of sms'jes weg mochten

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He will join the ministers of Algeman Zaken van Marc Rutte, who is heading an SMS message with the Prime Minister containing numerous documents. This is Binenlandze Zaken’s ministry (BZK), this is a verandaard for transparency of overhead. Rutte zegt dat hij zich aan de regels van BZK heeft gehouden.

The fact that he has a very good job is well-known and well-known to the mediators (as well as the Prime Minister). Daarin staat dat het uitgangspunt is dat die berichten «moeten worden opgeslagen, als ze over bestuurlijke besluitvorming gaan». However, it is clear that the top of the political situation in Belarus is extremely important and will be kept in the archives. “The function of the earth’s function is to be able to provide information on best-performing activities in a well-defined way.”

In the right words, you can read about every week you can read the relevant information in the archive. It is very important to be aware of the fact that the search engine will be “consequent and often” we will go to you. Zodra has already rejected the documents, but it is not possible.

In honor of the fact that the first report of the Prime Minister is not available, we will not be able to accept a word from Binnenland’s Zaken. “I want a paid ministry in the line of trade with the right to be able to be backed by a verantwoordelijke ministry.”

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