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Hungary wants a boycott of Russian oil in the EU

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The Hungarian government agreed to the EU’s top-level agreement on the embargo on Russian oil. Prime Minister Victor Orban is confident that Brussels will be better.

Hungary is one of the EU’s countries with the largest boycott, the Kremlin has a huge clap. The financial situation is not limited to other types of companies that Brussels has to offer.

The trades over the new penalties for Russia are limited to three weeks ago, and we will be able to offer sanitary packages in a couple of days. The EU ambassadors and foreign ministers have not been appointed to the EU, but the EU’s top decision has not been resolved. Onder meer Duitsland drong er deze week juist op aan vóór de top overeenstemming te vinden.

Hungarije zet echter de hakken in he zand en wil de schadeloosstelling die he eist eerst op tafel. “We will be able to provide additional energy for the Hongaarse over the energy sanction for which we have a sanction and then the Russian oil can be used,” said Aldus Orban. Hij eft de voorzitter van de raad van regeringsleiders van de EU-landen, Charles Michel, volgens EU-bronnen geschreven dat hij ervoor past om op de top over een embargo te praten.

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