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Huizenprijzen stijgen weer hard, maar mannder dan begin dit jaar

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The most expensive times are steeds, but the time is too high. These are the contents of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and the Cadastre. In addition, the purchase price is 18.8 percent due in a year.

Toename was in April nog 19.7 percent en daarmee nemen de prijsstijgingen wat minder snel toe. In January, the prices of prices at 21 percent, the highest level in a decade. The high prices are higher than CBS in a few years with good sales (98 percent). In June 2013, the price of a price point was increased.

The steepest prices come from the bottom of the sea and weinig aanbod is. The cabinet is open to the public by ordering the commanders to come to you. Volgens kenners is de gekte op de woningmarkt voor een groot deel ook te wijten aan de lage hypotheekrentes. Daardoor kunnen mensen makkelijk veel geld lenen voor het kopen van een huis. The last of the mortgages will be opened on the central bank of the central bank.

I have the Cadastre registered 15,749 winning transactions. 16,000 transactions were made in April. In the first half of the year, a total of 75,000 won were sold and this is a quarter less than a year before this year. Start 2021 when you get 35 years worldwide. Sinds April is worth a year and won this day and can’t pay 400,000 euros.

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