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How to Remove the New Lock Screen Widgets in Windows 11

If you’ve recently updated your Windows 11 PC, you might have noticed three new widget boxes appearing at the bottom of your lock screen, seemingly out of nowhere. Don’t worry; your system hasn’t been compromised. These additions are part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to integrate ads and widgets into places where they may not necessarily belong.

Admittedly, the weather widget is a handy addition for many users. However, Microsoft has bundled it with other less desirable content such as stock market news, NBA updates, and various news bulletins, all displayed directly on the lock screen. The frustrating part? There’s no option to customize these widgets. In other words, if you’re only interested in the weather, tough luck – there’s no way to keep that widget while getting rid of the rest. Your only recourse is to disable the entire feature altogether.

Disabling the lock screen widgets in Windows 11 isn’t as straightforward as one might hope. Microsoft began rolling out this feature with the March updates KB5035942 for Windows 11 and KB5035941 for Windows 10. However, it wasn’t immediately activated for all users. Only in May did Microsoft begin gradually enabling it across the board.

To disable these widgets in Windows 11, open the Settings app using the Start menu, Search feature, or the Windows + I keyboard shortcut. Navigate to Personalization > Lock screen and locate the Lock screen Status option. By default, it will display “Weather and more,” lumping together various widgets. While you’re there, it’s advisable to uncheck the “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen” option for a cleaner lock screen experience.

For Windows 10 users, the process is slightly different. Open the Settings app, go to Personalization, and select Lock screen from the sidebar. Look for the option “Choose one app to show detailed status on the lock screen,” followed by the Weather icon. Click on it (labeled “Weather and more”) and switch to the “None” option.

With these adjustments, you can reclaim a clutter-free lock screen experience on both Windows 11 and Windows 10.

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