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How someone in the Netherlands can help people in Ukraine

How someone in the Netherlands can help people in Ukraine

When the world wakes up on the sixth day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, people across the Netherlands have come together to do their best to help war victims and refugees. Here’s what happens and how you can get involved.

People in the Netherlands come together to help

Whether they offer free space for Ukrainians fleeing the conflict, or collect clothing and medical supplies, people across the country are trying to help those in need. “This war is near our bed,” said Joke Nuis, who organized the sale of pastries to raise money for Ukraine. AD. “With a three-hour flight you are in Marbella, but also in Kiev.”

The owner of a bed and breakfast in a village in Friesland has opened her four double bedrooms for asylum seekers, and truck drivers and their families near the Belgian and German borders have gathered together to distribute food and water among Ukrainian drivers who have found themselves thousands. miles from home. “I’ve heard that some can no longer access their money. And at the same time, they also have families with whom they are unlikely to get in touch, ”Ashwin Kannoo said. NOS Radio Magazine 1.

How to help refugees and people in Ukraine

There are many ways in which someone living in the Netherlands can get involved in helping those living in Ukraine.

Donate money

This may seem like an obvious option, but the Red Cross argues that it is an effective and efficient way to help those in need. The charity works to support Ukrainian aid organizations and assists in the supply of clean drinking water, food and medical supplies to the people of Ukraine.

Other charities raising funds for Ukraine include Grio 555, Giro 999 and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In addition to large charities, other smaller donations were created; for example, Cannoo raises money to provide Ukrainian drivers with food and water.

Donate supplies

In addition, there are various groups and organizations based in the Netherlands that have created their own collections to send goods to people in Ukraine. Rotterdam resident Angelina Kucharuk urges people to donate money, medicine, food, clothing and other necessities (such as sleeping bags, blankets) on behalf of an association called the Ukrainian Community in the Netherlands.

The Polish Library in Amsterdam has set up a collection point for everything from tableware and toiletries to phone chargers. Stocks will be delivered and distributed among Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands.

Open your refugee home

If you have a free bedroom in your home and you want to contribute, you can register as a host family for refugees. The organizations you can register with are Room for Ukraine and Takecarebnb.


More than 15,000 people gathered in Dam Square on Sunday in solidarity with the people of Ukraine – and new protests are planned in the coming days. A protest is scheduled for March 5 in The Hague, and numerous demonstrations are scheduled for Dam Square this week. Follow social media or use this website to see if protests are planned in your area.

Donations are made for war victims

No matter what Dutch city you live in, you have a way to get involved and help those affected by the war in Ukraine. Do you know other ways people can express their support? Share them in the comments below!

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