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How good is it to be extra cultured?

1The State Secretariat of Gunay serves a total of 170 million euros for culture. Do you want to celebrate?

No and yes. In the right chord stand at the date of this structural adjustment 170 million more than we can learn in culture. It was an open December for a fee-free news item that was the first time it was a cultural event that could be enormously worth 200 million euros and Rutte I (2010-2010). Rijk has already spent 1 billion euros on culture, less than 0.3 percent of the rebates. The province has invested 2.3 billion euros in the municipality.

2How did you stop?

Short inclusion in the camera gurgle over de besteding of the extra geld uit the reggeerakkoord, he was not a new access to the sea geld. That’s more than 135 million euros. There are 122 million words spent on the schedule so far. One million miles to other plans.

Er e ederder wel de hoop dat er extra herstelgeld kwam, bovenop de structuralle verhoging van de cultuuruitgaven. Vooral omdat er veel Europees geld beschikbaar was voor herstel ná de corona-pandemie. Toen eind maart het Nederlandse Herstel- en Veerkrachtplan naar de Kamer ging bleek al dat er geen apart herstelfonds voor cultuur kwam.

3 What’s in this gerstelplan?

Zonder cultuur wordt het leven schraal, dof en bleek, schrijft Uslu. The constated data of the sector of the sector or the main printing press is given in the data “on the basis of the current time it takes time to spend time”. The cultural lives come here in a long way from the band and go. The Secretary of State will be able to live: start (29 million), start labor market (10 million), support young people (42.5 million), train for young people (22 million) and help innocence 18, 6 million).

4 What is a sector of the sector?

The word is in a positive position. Jeroen Bartels, director of TivoliVredenburg and the Culture and Creative Sector Division of the Working Group, met with the Ministry of Corona Crisis and did not even go for surgery. “He is well fed in the sector and he is standing over the whole breed.” Hij prijst de aandacht voor jongeren: er komt zowel steun voor aanbod voor jongeren als voor mogelijkheden zelf mee te doen.

Wel heeft Bartelse reserves over depreciability. “It simply came to our notice then. But you have to write a letter with the words in front of you and make sure you are waiting for us. ” As a presenter, he has made money for new productions in drama. “The only thing that can be done is that it works, and then we can do it.” En Bartelse had ook gehoopt op een soort matchingsregeling voor gemeenten en provincies, die uiteindelijk he grootste deel van het cultuurgeld ophoesten. “The community does not have the right coalitions, but also a plan for the culture that makes it possible to be able to do so.”

5 You are very vocal makers and want to stand. Lut dat met this plan?

It is planned to work in an indirect way for makers, by investing in culture and to be united, and to be able to support you by making a lot of podium productions and film-producing films. You will be helped by the “drive current on the gangway”. Alleen beginnende makers die door de korona-tupise hebben stilgestaan, krijgen rechtstreeks geld, bijna 10 miljoen euro. The rich cultural funds are given, in the process of making art.

Peter van den Bunder van de Kunstenbond had a good idea that he had to be able to provide for good food and other expenses for manufacturers. “It simply came to our notice then. As an impulse is given, it is a moment that there is a steady mechanism that can be introduced ”.

6 Why is there a good way to get a plan for working in the market, but is it possible that the law does not work well?

The State Secretariat is given later, on Princesdag, with an outlined plan for the labor market. Daarin wil ze samen optrekken met with Minister van Sociale Zaken. The problems in the cultural sector – de kwetsbare positie van zzp’ers – are relevant to the larger sector. Van den Bunder Priest de Samenwerking met Sociale Zaken. Dat zou voor de hand moeten liggen, zegt hij, maar is uitzonderlijk. “Where pilots are dying are already in the line of sightseeing in the line of work for the whole market. It is very easy to find that the cultural heritage has been used to cover the common market problems.

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