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Het was straight bam, volle bak: ‘Antoon! Anton! ‘

 Het was straight bam, volle bak: 'Antoon!  Anton! '

Tijn ‘Antoon’ Verkerk (20) is the most popular in the Netherlands. In early April stond Antoon met vier nummers in the top 5 – including hit number 1 “Hallo”. Deze week ontving hij twee gouden platen en kondigde hij voor eind dit jaar een soloshow aan in de Ziggo Dome.

“I don’t even want to be on the radar,” Anton said on his mobile phone to start the interview. Hij zit voor een muur vol platina platen op het hoofdkantoor van muziekuitgeverij Cloud 9. Het zijn niet zijn albums. “No way,” he said. Hij heeft een fikse voorhoofdsholteontsteking, vertelt hij – en volop optredens voor tv en op de podia voor de boeg. “Top Helemaal”.

It is even a check for Antoon. He had his first hits during the pandemic and his success was “through a bank statement to Spotify statistics.”

Beluister has a playlist with all numbers by Antoon

In the summer of 2020, a couple of students show, “My first big fan base”. In October 2021, the stand hij ineens in a sold-out Paradiso. “In my opinion, everyone is ready for me, and everything is being created for everyone. Ik heb geen opbouw gehad vanuit kleinere zaaltjes, het was gelijk, bam, volle bak Paradiso. I wrote in the backstage: “Antun! Anton! ‘ My hat is unlocked.

This is good, and the door is locked, as well as the success of Antun and his zoomar. “Maar hij is al vanaf zijn 8ste bezig in de garage bij ons thuis,” said zijn vader and manager Justus Werkerk. “On the 13th of December, the first day of the week, we were able to return to the land and stand on a stone’s throw.”

Concert for 13 days

First of all, Antoon dance-DJ. “My bedroom was in Ultra Miami.” Op zijn 13de legde hij in het Youth Journal uit hoe hij zijn geluiden productionerde. On his 14th birthday, the producer met with Sharon Dee Clark, the performer of the 90’s dance hit “(I Wanna Give You) Devotion”, in the studio, and he gave his best tips to make the most of his songs. “But at the moment it was really the best thing to do, it was house music that ended. Hiphop is a pickpocket in popcorn. Toen ben ik me daarin gaan verdiepen. That begon with valuable roundabouts with a microphone erbij ».

The spectacular success of the music of Antoon is not possible, it is all allergy genres. Your music is still sound. He is a hybrid in which there are all the popular musicians.

With a quarter dansbeat, poppy synths, Dutch-style refreshments in an airy couplet. “I want to be in the studio and my text will be worth it. Er is niet één genre waarin je mij kunt plaatsen omdat alles uit mij komt: de beat, de teksten, de vocalen. I have hits with an 80’s discoplate (“Hyperventilatie”), countryplate (“Leuk”) and a houseplate (“Bootje”). In my life I have totally different payments, but for the most weird ones I have an ‘Antoon sound’ ».

Lol bij het maken

How is Antoon Zelf the success of his music? “It’s really a wave of Dutch pop music on hand – it’s not that good in this time. I think that the core of my succession is that it is self-sufficient. That comes to my eyes, that gives me a better guide. I didn’t think you were hit. I hoort aan mijn platen dat we LOL hadden in the studio. He is an artist who does not want to work with me, but he is also a commercialist. It’s soms frustrerend. I don’t know what to do. It’s really worthwhile. “

Antoon works selfishly with the art of dieting, he does not know how to produce, write, rap and sing.

The forest is approx this is an interview met Big2 van The Opposites

The artist, like Big2 from The Opposites, is one of Dreamteam and Ronnie Flex’s shortcuts. “Dan is not a producer and other artist, but we make music and we are very interested.”


In August 2020, he succeeded from Anton zich vaorzihtig begon af te tekenen, overcoming zijn moeder Heleen. Hello, when the ballad “Onweer” is over, when you meet the guitar and release a video with a private video. He has the number of ‘Engel’ over his eyes. “My mother was very friendly all over the world. My thoughts about being mentally or physically; mijn ademhaling zit heel hoog en dat put je stem uit. Daar werk ik aan, want dat is slecht wanneer je veel je stem hard gebruikt. My mother-in-law, she is the one who gave me the opportunity. Maar ik ben dankbaar dat ik de muziek heb. Dat ik naast het verlies van mijn moeder, niet ook nog een kutleven heb ».

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