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Harbers: Schiphol’s crimp is “an inverted step”

“A hard clap”, “an unmistakable stick” and a “very intriguing word for KLM in the air force”. Minister Harbers van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat bleek zich er duidelijk van bewust dat hij een moeilijke boodschap te vertellen bila op zijn persconferenie over definitieve incrimping van Schiphol.

The maximum value is 500,000 rubles per year in November 2023 to 440,000 rubles. “Delaying van bovengrens is a very important step,” said the VVD minister. He scraped 60,000 of the last readings, but it is definite.


The grovei van de nationalale luchthaven was voor vorige kabinetten jarenlang een should, I want Schiphol was the engine of the Dutch economy. In 2019, Minister of Infrastructure Van Nyuvenhaisen fulfilled the plan of 540,000 rubles. That most can be found in beautiful and stylish places.

In terms of efficiency, Minister Harbers is now three years later and wants to be able to fly steadily.

According to 2015, Schiphol turned into a wet door “handhavingspunten voor geluidsoverlast” and moved, zo erkent Harbers. Schiphol is located in one of the parts of the Netherlands, a completely different area. De omwonenden hebben last van geluid en stank en ook de omliggende natur ondervindt schade van de uitstoot van onder meer stikstof.

‘Einde aan gedogen’

In December, it was possible to make a draconian maatregelen nodig waren omdat de luchthaven niet voldoet aan stikstofregels en het gebied van geluid en overlast. The cabinet is now open to the outside, while Harbers has a cabinet service.

“We stopped at a meeting with gedogen. Schiphol can operate on the rules,” Stelde de Minister. .

Network work

The minister is working on a plan for Schiphol, but in this case the function of the Belarusian international airport is not to be seen. KLM and international air traffic control can be found. “Schiphol can be an international network of companies,” said Harbers.

Over the holiday lights there is no half-heartedness. Schiphol hoopt die vluchten op luchthaven Lelystad af te handelen. Maar die luchthaven in de Flevopolder is nog dicht, omdat er nog geen natuurvergunning is en omwonenden vrezen voor geluidsoverlast van laagvliegende vliegtuigen. In 2024, the offices opened in Lelystad.


Harbers said that the economic damage of the economic incrimination of Schiphol was very important. The KLM is not close to the cabinet service. In a personal report, the Dutch Flight Association is “overwhelmed” by the fact that the cabinet is located in the cabinet.

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