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Gouden relikwie van 2 miljoen dollar gestolen uit kerk ў Нью-Йорку | Buitenland

met the videoDieven hebben een ‘historisch meesterwerk’ gestolen uit een kerk ў Бруклине ў Нью-Йорку. The money in the hallway with the gold relics is worth 2 million dollars (1.85 million euros), worth one of the longest of the VS is. Ook werd een angelenbeeld onthoofd.

The Catholic Church is located in Sint-Augustinus, but is located in New York as well as Notre Dame van de Wijk Park Slope in Brooklyn. The church was at the moment of the day – the next two days and the last day – closed for construction work. Apomens van de bewakingscamera’s zijn eveneens gestolen, vertelt de priester van de kerk, Frank Tumino, aan persbureau AP. Brooklyn’s bisdom noemde de diefstal ‘een schaamteloze misdaad van oneerbiedigheid en haat’.

The tabernacle, ook wel sacramentshuis genoemd, is a subdivision of the altar where warrior is open to the Holy Communion. Volgens he bisdom is that exemplary unforgivable is vanwege zijn ‘historical and artistic value’. The Tabernacle of the Tabernacles is, in 1895, made of 18-karate gold in a version with jewels. It was built in 1952 and in 2000. Geschatte value: 1.85 million euros.

Right to the tabernacle for the gesture to be. In the middle of nowhere, there is a tabernacle stand in a way that is worth a constant change. Links are included on the page. © Diocese of Brooklyn

Volgens the bisdom is the door of the dader (s) of a metal protected area of ​​2.5 centimeters while the door is connected to the tabernacle. Tumino has written as a masterpiece of one of the two most popular tabernacles in the country, a door to a real estate system, given an ‘electronic service’. However, the precautionary conditions do not apply.

On two occasions, the tabernacle flanked, being on the verge of death. A real thing. Werder was the holy Eucharist and the tabernacle was kept in the altar. Ein kluis in de sacristie, waar priesters zich voorbereiden op de mis, werd ook opengesneden, maar daar zat niets in.

Priest Frank Tumino is the supreme van. “So far we have not been able to sell for sale,” he said. “This one of the most important features of this powerful church is a great opportunity to have a well-established system of food, and it is a great opportunity to enjoy it.”

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