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Get on your way to a ‘beautiful operation’

Get on your way to a 'beautiful operation'

De bouwsector kwam de coronapandemie verrassend went to the door. Ondanks economically insignificance and far-reaching consumerism is a waste of money for beekeepers who have been hired and given a lot of money for their own money.

But if you start a couple, you can start and stay. Get high prices, houleveranties from East-Europe stocks, cement words sharks. Is it easy to miss the self-sufficient for transport operations on stone walls, in places for grind for concrete?

The Koersdaling of the Heijmans construction company from Rosmalen, a mid-cap fund, is not a single one. Geopolitical developments and economic developments can be found on the ground.

In a very simple way we were able to meet Heijmans, according to analyst Andre Mulder van Kepler Cheuvreux. Het dieptepunt was 2016, when Heijmans 118 million euros left. “It simply came to our notice then. The banks are not Heijmans over ”, says Mulder. However, the best of the company is that the bank will be overwhelmed by the fact that it will be difficult to get out of trouble. En dat lute.

Verschillende probleemprojecten, zoals de nieuwbouw voor het Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu en de Wilhelminasluis in Zaandam, werden daarna afgerond. Althans, “the one who posits and the other”, Aldus Mulder. Een konflikt met Tennet vormt het laatste resterende hoofdpijndossier voor Heijmans. The wait is on an eventual turnout. Mulder is trying to get out of the conflict. “If this is the last thing we can do, we can really talk about a beautiful operation, we want to get the results and go to the balance sheet.”


The results are in good condition: the amount of 30 million euros won by Heijmans. This works in the field of business development and the company provides cumulative preferences and shares it with you. Over this relatively long period of financing, a dividend of 7 percent will be paid.

Daarnaast deed Heijmans – he wanted a British supply van in Duitsland, België en het Verenigd Koninkrijk – so that you had no property. Dynniq Energy nad, a Dutch electrical company, is not involved. It provides a strategic name with an energy transfer. Thank you for the warmth and capacity of the power supply. “In this ground, we discover the names nog beter gepositioneerd,” said Bart Smolders van Heymans. Het Financieele Dagblad.

Reversible pillars or construction work are also stable in a very difficult economic situation. Mulder: “Met name de private bouw deint sterkt mee op de golven van de economie. The public building, which is open to overheads with a long living space, is less volatile.

The Heijmans Construction Company is working on infrastructure projects. Over hegmeen is ook hiervan de overheid de financier. Daardoor is deze pijler veel stabieler dan de cyclische woningmarkt. Mulder: “Infra can if you can’t use the door for more design.”

How much of the limitations do the national flagpoles pay for? “No steeds are a point of departure,” says Mulder. The most expensive costs are a big problem.

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