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Gedegradeerd Hercules Almelo Stelt meets Lammers (opnieuw) new UN coach

In Frank Wormouth’s game, Hercules, he became the head assistant to coach Rene Colmshot. The Spaniard Carlos Vicens was at that moment al vol trots aangekondigd als de nieuwe man voor komend seizoen.

On the degradation of the veranda, the sporty perspective in Almelo is very drastic. Hercules in Vicenza, Manchester City also employs assistant coach Pep Guardiola, who replaces him as an assistant.

Samenwerking met with Kruzen

“John Lammers is the first person to be able to be a staff member in a game group, and he wants to go to the Eredivisie,” said Nico-Jan Hoogma, technical director.

“John stands for a good self-assessment with a staff group, he enjoys a good coaching service in a bunch of binnen-al buitenland on a level playing field and willow-playing football,” said Hoogma.

Lammers gaat bij Heracles onder meer samenwerken met with assistant Hendra Kruzen when you had a week of contract. Cruzen is an aide to van Peter Bosch, having met Hercules, Ajax, Borussia Dortmund and the Lyon Olympian.

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