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Food festivals are returning to Emman

The culinary event will feature a variety of cuisines from different cultures of the world. “Think of Surinamese, Middle Eastern and Spanish cuisine, such as churos, steaks and burgers,” said Leoni Pluiter, owner of Beau Business, the event management organization behind the festival.

According to Dagblad van het Noorden, admission to the event will be free. During the festival, which will be held on Raadhuisplain, in the center of Emmen, it is planned to open a store of more than a dozen food trucks.

Looking for more fun eating? From 20th to 21street In August, food lovers will also be able to enjoy the tenth iteration of MM Culinair, an exquisite event that will feature at least nine prestigious restaurants from all over the province of Drenthe.

Both Emmen Culinair and the Barrel Food Truck festival are organized and conducted by Pluyter, which, like many event organizers, has been forced to cancel several events over the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, reports Dagblad van het Noorden. This year, however, with the Covid-19 rules seemingly in the rearview mirror, she is firmly committed to supporting the festivals.

So if you’re looking for a great meal experience this summer, Emmen looks like the place!

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