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“Feyenoord” in the European final, wishing Jose Mourinho … | Sports

Feyenoord can go to the finals of the Conference League hoop putt it out feit dat het nooit een Europese eindstrijd verloor. The problem in Rotterdam is only coach van Tegenstander AS Roma hetzelfde kan zeggen.

Jose Mourinho (59) became an al-vier keer eerder in his loopbaan in a final of a European tournament. He won the German. In 2003, Veraverde Hijge met Porto de UEFA in the UEFA Cup with ten Costa van Celtic (3-2 in the results), later Een Jaar won the Hijja – in the evening as coach of van Porto – in the Champions League final against Monaco (3-0 ).

Beide bekers mocht hij daarna nog een keer omhoog houden. In 2010 he won the Champions League. It was the coach of the International in the final in Bavaria Munich with lyricist Louis van Gaal. In 2017, he met Manchester United and Ajax in the Europa League: 2-0.

Prizepacker Jose Mourinho in the UEFA Cup final in Ajax. © AFP

“Feyenoord” is equal in the final. Rotterdamers won in 1970 at the club of the Netherlands in the European Cup I (de Voorloper van de League Champions). Pure as Mourinho called Feyenoord, who became an international trophy at Celtic, he met 2-1 heclapt. In the 1974 UEFA Cup final at Tottenham Hotspur (2-2 and 2-0) played at a club in the Netherlands. In 2002, Hetzelfde Taernoy won over Feyenoord when Borussia Dortmund met Eigen Kuipa 3-2.

Maar Feyenoord and Mourinho are currently in Tirana. The Portuguese can meet in the Conference League final on the first day with Giovanni Trapattoni, the only coach who won a European victory. Mauryn is the first coach to meet four clubs in the final of the European Cup.

What kind of history is he? Mourinho has a great service list for the Netherlands. Van de 11 duels won hij er 9 en speelde hij er eentje gelijk. In a situation? Die leed hij tegen feyenoord. In the 2016-2017 season of the Europa League he met Manchester United and Quip scored Tony Villen’s goal: 1-0.

Tony Villena scores his goals for Manchester United van Mourinho.
Tony Villena scores his goals for Manchester United van Mourinho. © ANP

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