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Exit language over compensation for Japanese damages

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The right bank will pay a refund over the compensation of the slaffers that will be used for the day of the opening of the Japanese market in the Netherlands-India. The Dutchmen in the Stichting of Japan were born in a state of disarray. Under the individual man, the self-propelled trailer can be used as a family trailer.

Japan was tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog een bondgenoot van Duitsland. The time of the Japanese occupation in the Netherlands-India was made by burgers as a source of war in Japan. There are people out there, ingenuity as dwangarbeiders in gemarteld. Ook vonden er performs plaats. The surrender of Japan on August 15, 1945.

The group found that the state was indefinitely traded in Japan and was visibly derailed, but it was built via the Vredesverdrag of San Francisco in 1951 and the Sticker-Yoshida Protocol in 1956.

Volgens is a lawyer of the Stichting Japanse Ereschulden. De Staat verzet zich hiertegen, en haalde tijdens een zitting onder meer aan dat het sluiten van de verdragen met Japan destijds in he algemeen belang was.

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