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Ex-director of the Louvre Verdacht van aankoop roofkunst

Jean-Luc Martinez is the director of the Louvre in Paris. He is probably a foreigner for illegal work from the royal family to the Middle East. Martinez is by Franse’s justice and also seen.

In 2016, in Egyptian archeology is the decoration of housing in the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. It is worth five million euros with a value of 15 million euros and a total of several million euros. Het ging onder meer om een ​​Steen van Roze graniet, met daarop hiërogliefen en de naam van farao Toetanchamon.

In 2018, there will be some twists and turns of justice over the twelfth of the works. The most important thing was that the work was met with verbal echtheidsbewijzen. On paper, the costs are higher than the value of the art and the above. But justice is given in the workmanship of the roof art. The Egyptian works are based on the Arabic Lent and given illegally.

Good seals

Oud-museumdirector Martinez said that he was not officially involved in ‘organizing in organized order’. He has a lot to do with paperwork and one of these things. Martinez from 2013 to 2021 at the Louvre. Well, he worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the ambassador for the care of the public.

Ook twee prominente Louvre-medewerkers worden in deze zaak verdacht, net als drie anderen onnder wie een kunsthandelaar en een oudheid specialist. The last thing you can do is sell the roof art at a museum in New York in 2017 with the best documents.

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