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European price for the Museum of Geest: “We want to make mental problems”

European price for the Museum of Geest:

The Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Rijksmuseum, is now the Museum of Geest – one of the most popular European countries to win the Museum of the Year (European Museum of the Year Award). The latest price is a museum in Europe that has recently been built.

Van de Geest Museum in the middle of the Corona Crisis. In the fall of 2020, the former Museum of Psychiatry has a new, activist perspective. The museum has “stereotypes related to discussion”, the status of the website, as well as the status of a member of the “Verklaring van de Open Geest” and the underwriters who are among the most stigmatized.

De Jury is in love. “The museum also offers a natural sense of thought in a unique and innovative manner,” he said. “Innovative social project.”

“I want to see you here,” said museum director Hans Loyen via video link. “Superthroats. By other museums, there are tens of millions of euros in money, and he was given the right to go to another country. The middle of the crown was the best of all things around him. ” Volgens Looijen cost of construction in total carp worth millions of euros. For the purpose of coronation, the most important of these museums will be 2.7 million in 2019 at the Rijksmuseum.

A “Verklaring van de Open Geest”, what does Julie Daarmee do?

“We are debating what we are debating, in the past and in the future. At this point we have a well-known experience with a project that can be considered as a representative of the school in Harlem.

“Mental problems are open to the beginning of the world, and there is no need to rest from being left alone, but it is not possible for me.” Dus we willen er zo vroeg mogelijk iets aan doen, en dat begint met bespreekbaar maken ».

What can you do at the museum?

“Musea moeten meer aandacht besteden aan de hele mens. Er wordt te vaak een scheiding aangebracht tussen kunstenaars en hun persoonlijke leven. Picasso was indifferent. From Jackson Polak, daar staat nooit bij dat hij een alkogolist bil. We, like us, contacts, met with the Van Gogh Museum, as well as with the Van Gogh mentality. Dat juichen we thumb.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are able to enjoy the romantic notes of an artist in Waanzin. In this case, it is not possible, but it is very different, but it is not a single point.

Eeuwen geleden was het gebouw waar het Museum nu zit een ‘dolhuis’ voor mensen met de pest of psychiatrische Problemen. Now stand in one of the hawks’ ‘carnivorous’ wrangers to be beheaded by British artist Marc Quinn, over his alcohol.

Do you want a museum or a meeting?

«More as a campaign office. We want to be able to live mentally, to be born, to be born.

What kind of person does the museum have in mind?

“Maine Meder was a psychiatric patient. Ik heb heel lang gedacht: je gaat niet voor je moeder in een Museum werken. But the unhealthy way is a roll made. I have a lot of problems in the summer on the plateau, but over the mental problem we are not talking about it. Dat had mijn moeder zo beloten, zodat we er geen last van zouden hebben. Of course it doesn’t work.

“Als jongen neem je dat aan als je realiteit, maar later besefte ik dat het niet zo hoefde te gaan als bij ons. Ik wil graag dat mensen die nu van dezelfde leeftijd zijn als ik toen er meer begrip voor kunnen vinden. Maar mentale problemen zijn nog niet uit het verdomhoekje ».

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