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Europe shipped with double-edged swivel rules

Langzaam bent de twijfel post te vatten in Europe. Is it for management to be able to spend a lot of money, but not inflation? A couple of months ago, it was common in Europe to invest: to invest in the economy and coronarecession, and to move on to energy transfer. In the morning he will be able to move the crane again.

The European Commission publishes the most widely used provisions for economic protection. The boodschap van Brussel is, zachtjes gezegd, ambivalentny. On the other hand, the Commissioner’s Office of the Stability Pact, which states that it is not possible to pay more than 3 percent of the BBP’s money, is one year long. The pact stops at the break beginning of 2020, toen de coronapandemie Europa trof. Brussels can be used as a guide to the most important issues. Daarna most of the economically developed year, until 2022.

Now, in 2023, the European Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni (Economie), a member of the European Commissioner for Public Administration, said that a “two external external shock” was introduced on the screen. You should be able to “flexibly” react to it.

In the meantime, the Brussels National Council will be able to “understand” and will be able to finance it. Make sure you have energy for your burgers and make sure you have a “good time” and a “good” time. By planning plans to be able to do so, it is possible to pay “fines” out of financial resources, to pay the “high-level” costs of the pandemic period. The eurozone in 2019 will be 84 percent to bbp by 96 percent in 2021.

Brussels has a lot to think about “prudent”

Duitland and France

Minister of State for Finance, Christian Lindner, Religion Zone Teens G7-overleg in Germany tegen de Financial Times extra financial date added in 2023 without being able to lead people to lukraak met geld te strooien. Germany has no extras for extra use in the woods Schuldenbram (de schuldenrem), he Duitse instrument dat begrotingsdiscipline de norm maakt.

In France, it is also known to be in place with security regulations, but it also costs you a fortune: Paris is worth 26 billion euros in inflation compensation for inflation. A wet business for the protection of the co-operative cost of one billion dollars Le Figaro. The rate of return is 3 percent in 2027.

Overheden zitten met with a dilemma een lastig. Burgers and backbones are designed to compensate for the tower costs. However, in terms of overheid, more money is saved in the economy, but the prices can be reduced. Want de vraag naar allerlei (soms schaarse) produkten blijft dan op peil, wat prijsopdrijvend werkt.

Save money in some time for this effect. In the VS voorspelde de econoom Larry Summers begins vorig jaar al hoge inflation, as a result of grootscheepse hersteluitgaven door de regering-Biden. In the Netherlands there is the Nederlandsche Bank and in the last year of the war, there are billions invested in the Rutte-IV cabinet.

For financially, the best European countries are in the extra range of handicrafts that are more important than the following: the looming costs. Now the European Central Bank has the right to buy from the states of the United States, renting the rent from the name of the South European states of the United States. Department of Portugal Minister of Finance van Finance, Fernando Medina, zei zondag volgens de Financial Times data reduction is not a priority. Portugal took the “podium” in the ground, met with Grykenia in Italy.

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