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EU-hof offers megabote chipmaker Qualcomm for one-time competition

The European Hof van Justitie has a week ahead of schedule, the European Commission in 2018, according to the American Chipproducent Qualcomm, said, “I want to be faithful”. The Hof states that Qualcomm does not have the right to accept any “procedural irregularities” and to include an analysis of the Commission’s decisions on the implications.

According to the Commission, which is committed to a strong competition between the EU and the EU, 997 million euros have been raised by Qualcomm. The company will be released in 2011 in 2016, one of the most popular issues is with Apple, which is worth billions of dollars as well as other business chips for iPhones and iPads. The European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager (Mededing) said that it was “illegal” and that Qualcomm had to opt for more money and innocence for competitors and consumers.

According to the European Commission, the Reuters press office will be able to study and provide the necessary information. Europe’s Hof van Justitie has the EU’s two-year rule of thumb in the future.

In 2019, it will be used in 2019 when you enjoy Qualcomm. Ook toen oordeelde de Commissie dat het business zchuldig had gemaakt aan machtsmisbruik. Door chips or cost of goods will be awarded to competitors. In 2020, in 2020, you will be able to be able to provide chips for 5G technology.

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