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Elon Musk rested in VS op korte termijn waarschijnlijk

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Topman Elon Musk from Tesla car manufacturers Tesla denkt dat Eenische Recessie in Verenigde Staten waarschijnlijk. This interview took place in an interview with Bloomberg at the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha.

“A recession is an unforgettable moment, so it is short of time for a recession to take place. “It’s not safe, but it’s the most important thing, but it doesn’t matter,” Musk said. The billionaire year has come to an internal e-mail to Tesla’s managers at the “super great goal” and over the economy.

On the rise of the cost of living in the United States, the Federal Reserve has been working for a week or so to pay for its restitution at the expense of the Central Bank with the largest rent-seeking in 1994. op reen recession, vaardoor de druk op de americanes president joe biden verder toegenomen.

Biden is confident that the American recession is not “surfacing”, he met with Finance Minister Larry Summers. Summers have a great chance that the world can keep you stagnant, stagnant economically stagnant and high inflation.

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