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ECB at the joint venture: we are in Southern Europe to pay attention

In a joint venture, the European Central Bank has been reluctant to pay extra money. The lands, zoals of Italy and Greece, are steadim duurder uit om hun staatsschuld te financieren. Dat kan op termijn voor grote problemen zorgen of misschien zelfs tot een nieuwe eurocrisis leiden.

The central bank has more money to buy from the land that a high rent is paid. The ECB’s instructions are open to the public. With the help of the lenses, they have a long time to go, but the new lenses can be bought. The data provided via a global agreement on all EU countries. According to the method, the largest economy is the most expensive, but this principle is not easy.

The decision of the central bank on a new budget program to develop the date of the reinsurance of the European countries is possible. It is easy to understand that the Nordic countries of Europe have a central bank as one of the leaders in inflation and control and control.

Video bandaging

In the event of a meeting with all the Presidents of the Central Bank in Europe via a video link, you can also visit Klaas Knot van De Nederlandsche Bank. In 2020, the coronary crisis began.

Vooral de problemen voor Italië, Spanje en Griekenland worden groter. The rent of the land is loopt al het hele jaar op. In front of the European Central Bank, the Bank of France has been renting a week before rent and inflation, and it has paid extra money.

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