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Dutch rugby players on the leading coach of the Woodland bond Rusland

Photo: ANP

Rugby players from the Netherlands are the commander in charge of Bonds coach Dick Moore. In the 57th South African UK, in the game “Springbokken”, one and a half hits came out as hits that deal with bonds from Rusland. Omdat de Russische rugbyers vanwege de oorlog in Oekraïne voorlopig geen internationale wedstrijden mogen spelen, heeft Muir zijn contract laten ontbinden.

“The Afgelopen Weeken Geb ik Kennis Mogen Macken met with the Rugby of the Netherlands,” Zegt de South Africa. “I hope you have a positive job and you can enjoy your sporting ambitions.” Voorlopig is Muir, interim coach, maar een huge dienstverband behoort ook tot de mogelijkheden.

The Netherlands rugbybond has an ambition for Oranje to reach the World Cup in 2027 in Australia. The bond is located on a route that is well-known and well-known in the setting of the famous Muir Daarin. “With a lot of treasure in the Netherlands, a coach with an indisputable cv en a lot of experience in the absolute regbytop.”

Muir was more than an assistant coach by nationality, he died in 2019 in order for him to be on a business trip.

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