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Dutch gas stations want to raise the price limit for unmanned pumps

Dutch gas stations want to raise the price limit for unmanned pumps

Due to the fact that gasoline prices continue to rise significantly, gas station operators are seeking to increase the limit on payment for refueling at unmanned gas stations.

Will the Dutch payment limit for gas stations be raised?

In the Netherlands, most petrol stations reserve 125 euros from drivers ’bank accounts when they start refueling their cars. In this way, gas station operators can guarantee that they will receive payment for fuel, while any excess amount is returned to the account. However, due to rising fuel prices, many motorists believe that fuel for 125 euros is not enough to refuel the tank. This means that you need to refuel twice.

Therefore, a number of gas stations have increased the limit to 150 euros, and further increase is being discussed, which may introduce a limit of 200 euros. “This is not yet provided,” said the Dutch Payment Association. “It depends on the agreement between all participants in the chain of PINs, including sellers and suppliers of terminals.”

Ian Harman Ackermann, entrepreneur and owner of the TanQyou mobile platform, noted that low price limits are becoming a problem for motorists: “Then you can refuel a second time, but in practice you see that this is almost not the case.”

Gasoline prices are rising

Gasoline prices in the Netherlands have been rising for some time, but have risen significantly since the conflict in Ukraine. According to Directlease Tankservice, the Dutch transport leasing service, the cost of a liter of petrol for more than half of petrol pumps in the Netherlands is between 2.10 and 2.20 euros. There are 35 petrol pumps that cost more than 2.40 euros per liter, while the most expensive station costs 2.48 euros per liter of petrol.

The price of diesel fuel is also rising significantly: a liter costs more than 2 euros with 13 percent of gas stations in the Netherlands. In some places the price exceeds 2.20 euros per liter.

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