Home Business DNB: Risicovolle commitment to jump popular and institutional belegers

DNB: Risicovolle commitment to jump popular and institutional belegers

DNB: Risicovolle commitment to jump popular and institutional belegers

“High-yield” (HY) liabilities

‘This highly promising HY-dull paper is pre-registered in the outer country, well-known in American countries in Brazil and South Africa,’ said DNB.

“Search for profit” zet door

The next obligatory of the last year is based on the provision of pensions, pension funds and insurance related to a ‘search for profit’, which is based on the yield in a very easy rent. The most important economic consequences of coronary crisis are not due to the fact that HY-bonds are not subject to the following: gingen in this period from 15.4% to 20.7%.

What does credit management mean?

Kredietbeoordelaars, waarvan Moody’s, S&P і Fitch verreweg de grootste zijn, beoordelen de kredietwaardigheid van individual obligaties i de overheden of badrijven die deze uitgeven. The credit unions are not over the data that can be redeemed. Daarnaast wordt ook rekening gehouden met het verwachte verlies wat de schuldeiser zal moeten incasseren indien de uitgever van de schuld ў gebreke raakt.

Variety rapportcijfer

The credit agreement is in the form of a kind of report on this door for many market parties for their investment decisions. “AAA” is the highest possible credit value, in addition to the highest value “D”, which is the highest value given in real life. Er is dan niet voldaan aan én e meerdere betalingsverplichtingen.

Hogers for rent

Beoordelingen van BBB- з hoger worden ook wel «Investment class» genoemd, terwijl een BB + з лагера «высокопрыбытковы». Engagement is in the highest category of a high risk is on a bailout basis, and some investors have a high rent and compensation.

Pre-named in the country

The Netherlands is subject to HY obligations as a matter of priority and, in addition to the external obligations, it is necessary to take into account the obligations of state-owned companies.


The first category is the exorbitant share of investment in American resources. The Netherlands paid out € 27.4 billion in February 2022 under HY’s commitments if you are unable to receive 30% of the total at this time. Operate from the United States to dominate the world-class HY business with market-based parks for Ford, Kraft Heinz and Occidental Petroleum.

HY-government responsibilities of the BRICS countries

The category of tweed, which belongs to the BRICS government commitments, does not exist in Brazil and South Africa. Bedroeg dit bedrag begin 2020 EUR 7.2 billion, in February 2022 70% was completed to 12.3 billion EUR. The state obligations of the BRICS lands of India and China worden bechouwd als IG. Russia’s government commitments, which are in other BRICS countries, until February 2022 IG. Echter, de meeste kredietbeoordelaars weigeren sindsdien Rusland een kreditiebeoordeling te geven door de onzekerheden die chepaard gaan met de oorlog in Oekraïne en de aan Rusland opgelegde sancties.

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