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Dit zijn de beste tablets die je nu kunt kopen | Tech

 Dit zijn de beste tablets die je nu kunt kopen |  Tech

A smartphone is a great choice, but it’s about to bank of in bed is a tablet with a big screen that works. We met with the editing of BestGetest best examples at the time it was selected.

This is an inverted version of an extended version of de The best tablets on the technical site BestGetest. Ok, Hebben Zee Dee the best middle class pills op een rij gezet.

Best of all: iPad Air (2022)

iPad Air (2022) © Apple

The iPad Air 2022 works as before. The iPad is as standard for tablets that include a model. The Stevige processor is Apple’s perfect hardware and software. Camera’s self, the normal in tablets can be taken, be very good.

The tablet is well equipped with a beetle, but it is not suitable, with a rear view camera. Dat kunnen we Apple vergeten, vooral als je bedenkt dat de selfiecamera voorop ook een forse upgrade heeft gehad.

Well, the color is from the scherm iets minder goed. Aluminum behuizing is wel stelvol, al niet heel stevig, wat de tablet gevoelig maakt voor vallen en stoten. A hoesje is dus op zijn plaats.

Best Middle Class: iPad (2021)

iPad (2021)
iPad (2021) © Apple

Kijken we are in a warehouse price segment, and it is a good idea to buy Apple. The iPad from 2021 offers a fully equipped accessory at 11 o’clock, a good screen with a front camera and great system equipment. Okay, this is beautiful software that is lower than Apple can manage through software updates.

Het is wel jammer dat het entwerp in de jaren weinig is veranderd, want immiddels begint de Apple-tablet er wat verouderd uit te zien. Ook moet je er rekening mee houden dat je e mogelijk gewilde stylus los erbij moet kopen voor circa. 100 euros.

Best Android Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Galaxy Tab S7
Galaxy Tab S7 © Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a practical tablet other than 120 shots per second. This is where the iPads are available. Beautify Android, while Nature is an Android phone. The accessory is positive with a twelve hours of use.

As a consumer service, we will be able to use the iPad, but it will be too small. Samsung provides a great example for the S7 + if you can stay in good quality. Al kun je hetzelfde zeggen voor de S7, waarbij je extra moet betalen voor wat bijbehorende accessoires.

Alternative for Android: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite © Samsung

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a good tablet with which you can use the railing. The camera appeared and the CPU was closest. That makes it a first tablet on you to work, winkelen of streams.

We love selfies, we want to see you later. Ook is 9 days in stock and in the competition, but he has a stop contact and can be found.

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