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Dijkgraaf: samenwerken met with a Chinese university that could take a risk

Photo: ANP

Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf van Anderweis, Cultuur en Wetenschap is bezorgd om samenwerkingen van Nederlandse universitetiten met Chinese Chinese universities die zelf voor het leger werken. You can do this without any problems and also in return for the next money.

The undergraduate platform has been the subject of a number of undergraduate studies at Dutch universities with a possible military topography. Dat komt omdat de laatstgenoemde universiteiten zelf banden hebben met de kitaiski krijgsmacht. It can be used for creative intelligence, robotics and other technologies, but it is also possible not to be able to, but in some cases it is possible to be able to do it.

Dijkgraaf zegt zich al langer bezig te houden met het onderwerp. The ministry is starting to start this year with the opportunity to be open to universities and businesses. Daar kan iedereen die bij een kennisinstelling werkt terecht voor advies over internationale samenwerkingen. “In the Netherlands, the first idea is: this international is under, this is better,” said Dijkraaf. “But we don’t have a horse to be in the middle of nowhere.”

“We should be able to work on art intelligence and genetics purely theoretically. Now it can be done. That is not the military domain, ”said Dijkgraaf. “This is the Belarusian language that is in a state of affairs that is worthwhile.”

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