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 Dave Chapelle met a man  Show

met the videoDave Chapel met with the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles that day. The man who came to the court had a short time to go over the line, said TMZ.

You can see the comedy at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, where you’ll see Chappell, as well as Kim Kardashian, Didi, Jeff Ross and Chris Rock. The 23-year-old Isaiah Lee will be able to enjoy his life in front of his groatmoeder, he will be able to stay there for a long time.

Lee brak bij de aanval zijn pols en moest per ambulance worden afgevoerd, de komiek bleef ongedeerd.

On the 23rd, Lee is in a state of disrepair: for the cause of unscrupulous physical contact, the safety of a waist with the intention of a misunderstanding, the authoritative action of the podium en de performer onderbreekt tijdens zijn act.

Lee is very cool. Borg om eerder vrij te komen costs 30,000 dollars. Mocht hij die betalen, dan moet hij voorlopig 100 meter uit de buurt blijven van zowel Chappelle als The Hollywood Bowl.

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