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Chinese does not welcome Belarusian network Financial

Uses Chinese leadership, which allows you to manage the Ministry of Economy and Climate. He shared his name with risico’s choice of statehood.

It is not that of a well-established, well-designed, well-printed or word-of-mouth company, and a state-run company is a Dutch high-voltage company. This means that you will need to stop contact to stay on their land. The wind blows on the sea can be turned off and the power supply is strong.

The project, worth contracting, has been locked up with other parties, and is worth a total of 30 billion euros. Devotion is given in the second half of the year after the second half of the year is over as much as possible.

One of TenneT’s words is also overlaid with the Ministry of Economic Affairs over which it has met with Chinese levers. “We don’t want to be part of the European Parliament, we want to be able to support European regulations,” he said.

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