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Chinese and Russian bombs scheren langs Japan tijdens belangrijke top

“We believe in all kinds of actions that affect the status quo of springs in the region.” So luidt de gezamenlijke verklaring van de leiders van de VS, India, Japan and Australia, die zich vandaag voor een top in Tokyo hebben verzameld. Ondertussen scheren enkele honderden kilometers verderop zes Chinese en Russische bombenwerpers vlak langs het Japanse luchtruim.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense is committed to having a strong air force in the situation and controlling the war. It’s a stretch of power.

In total, there are two Chinese, two Russian and two not identified bomenwerpers urenlang vlak langs het Japanse luchtruim. “A military summit will be opened in China and Russia during the Quad-top session as a demonstration, and this last year will be a draw for us on our land,” said Japanese Defense Minister Van Nobuo Kishi.

A Russian manufacturer is highly regarded, and in the day before the top voyeren meerdere Chinese Chinese orchestras dicht langs de Japanse kust. «Het is nog provocerender dan in het verleden», – бенадрук Кішы.

Aggression and expansion

It is not easy to find out what the leaders of the quad country have to do in person. US President Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishido, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese have included a lot of work in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as work in the Ocean. .

Schone Energy, cybersecurity and new investments in regional infrastructure. There are regional peaks of the invasion of the Krai country that have an agenda. The top in the south of South Korea is in Japan in order to get a day and work as a guardian of Russian aggression in the Chinese military expansion in the region.

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