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CBS: 1 / 4 of development within the Dutch economic system flows overseas

The Hague

In 2022, the economic system grew by 10 %, in present costs. Three-quarters of this development ended up within the Netherlands as disposable earnings, 1 / 4 went overseas, CBS experiences on Thursday based mostly on new figures.

For steadiness

‘In 2021, Dutch households, corporations and governments nonetheless acquired earnings from overseas on steadiness. So then financial development flowed to the Netherlands’, based on Statistics Netherlands.

Gross home product (GDP)

The rise in gross home product (GDP) can movement overseas via, for instance, revenue distributions from Dutch corporations to overseas shareholders, or wages of non-resident workers of Dutch corporations. Conversely, Dutch corporations additionally obtain revenue distributions from overseas shares, and residents obtain wages from overseas corporations.

Most home development in households

Throughout the Netherlands, most financial development was achieved by households: 5.0 share factors benefited the disposable earnings of households, in present costs. Disposable earnings is the earnings of sectors that continues to be for consumption, funding or financial savings after present transfers, similar to taxes and social advantages.

Authorities disposable earnings

Authorities disposable earnings additionally made a optimistic contribution to the rise in complete home disposable earnings. Alternatively, the disposable earnings of non-financial companies decreased. In 2021 that may enhance.

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