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Caspar Corbo as 200m in semifinal final, ok, Arno Camingo door | There is a sport

WK ZwemmenКаспар Корбо ан Арно Камінга is in the world championships in Boedapest for the final half of 200 meters.

Corbeau ended in a series of two places with a time of 2.09.15. Kamminga zette 2.10,33 neer en stroomt daarmee als tiende door naar de halve eindstrijd. Olympic competition and record holder Zach Stablet-Cook from Australia became the best in the series: 2.09.09.

Marrit Steenbergen en Tes Schouten keren vanavond terug voor de half final finals op respectievelijk de 100 metr vre slag and de 200 meter schoolslag. Steenbergen is the most beautiful for the final half of the 100 meters. Steenbergen in the series in a time of 54.13 seconds. Australian Molly O’Callaghan is 53.49 seconds in the final half. Be the blues of Canadian Penny Oleksiak (53.70) and the American Tori Huske (53.72). Wereldrecordhoudster Sarah Sjöström eidigde in de series op plek vier (53.78).

After 200 meters of school laundry, Schouten has a place in the final half. Schouten was in the series goed voor de elfde tijd: 2.26.85. Canadian Kelsey Lauren Vogue was last in the series with a score of 2.24.37.

Half of the final in Bodopest took place at 18.00 on the program, in the beginning – in the final of 100 meters, when the slag met Steenbergen. Кіра Тусэн zmemt omstreeks 18.30 uur de finale op de 50 meters rugslag, waarvoor ze zich dinsdagavond als zevende wist te plaatsen. The program has been replaced by more than half of the finals of the 200-meter school for men (with Corbeau and Kamminga) and the 200-meter school for women (with Schouten).

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