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Calculate your tax refund with Aangifte24

Calculate your tax refund with Aangifte24

Do you work in the Netherlands and would like to know the amount of tax you will receive or have to pay? You will be able to find many tax calculators online, but unfortunately they do not take into account things like part-time residence in the Netherlands (M-form) or income earned in other EU countries (90 per cent rule). In these cases, the calculation is quite complicated.

But here’s the good news: Aangifte24 offers a calculator to help you solve this problem in a few simple steps in your native language! And good news: no fee is required to access this handy calculator!

Aangifte24 makes it easy to fill out a tax return in the Netherlands

“Aangifte24.com is an application created for immigrants working temporarily in the Netherlands. People who are not registered residents or do not speak Dutch have great difficulty in understanding tax rules and filing a tax return in the Netherlands. Loading service. That’s why we’ve developed a tool for them that is available in eight languages ​​and makes it easier to fill out a tax return in the Netherlands, ”says Lucas Kirstein, CTO of Aangifte24.com.

The tax calculator is currently available in the following languages: English, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek, Croatian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Romanian and Bulgarian.

How does it work?

So how exactly does this handy tax calculator from Aangifte24 work? Well, after answering a few questions a window will appear in which you can enter data from Яаропгаве. You will need to provide information such as yours:

  • Income (gagara)
  • Advance income tax (provided longevity)
  • Tax benefits for employees (arbide skorting)

Example 2

You will then need to complete a period of employment in the Netherlands and, next, income in other countries. Income information is needed to determine entitlement to tax deductions under the 90 per cent rule (90 per cent rule of non-resident taxpayers).

Example 3

Example 4

If you want to count your right on zorgtoeslag, this can also be done by specifying the date from which you want to apply for the grant. At the end of the application shows the calculated amounts. If you fill in the data in the application correctly, the amount will be very close to the real one aanslag the tax decision you get from Loading service.

Example 5

Example 6

Aangifte24: Make your Dutch taxes the easy way

The growing complexity of tax law in Europe and the Netherlands makes calculating your tax very difficult. Aangifte24’s tax calculator takes into account variables such as:

  • Heffinscorting – calculation by insurance days (Premier Volksverzekeringen)
  • Premier Deel and Belasting Deel – calculation of tax benefits depending on the 90 percent rule
  • Labor court – calculation of the tax benefit based on the period of work and the rule of 90 percent
  • Insurance premiums – subject to exemption from premiums (form A1 from another EU country)
  • Combinationcorting – children’s tax credit and calculation for the period of work.

File a tax return online

Naturally, the process does not end with calculations. You can complete the data in the calculator or go directly to sending the tax return to the tax office. If you choose to submit a tax return, you will be offered additional information, such as your BSN number, home address, phone number, and other details. It is convenient that all this is done online! Calculate your tax return with Aangifte24 now!

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